discover how your business can benefit from sms marketing


Take advantage of our SMS marketing tool to launch offline promotional campaigns

Reach all class of consumer segment

Create a connection between you and your consumers across different touch points leveraging insights from our users behavior. The objective is to further empower your brand by using our SMS marketing tool.

90% SMS Open rate

Text messages have a higher open rate when compared to other forms of marketing channels. 90% of text messages sent to targeted audiences on our platform are opened.

60% of Consumers go back to previous SMS

Its in the record that 3 in 5 recipients of SMS go back to previous messages. We use this data to also send follow-up campaigns to those who have engaged with initial SMS.

SMS messages are easily shared

Messages received as text are more easily replicated. Brands can take advantage of the shareable nature of SMS to push offline messages to an audience that grows exponentially.

Stronger offline visibility for your brand

Use our SMS marketing tool to send basic 160 character text-based campaigns to improve your brand’s offline presence.

Target using user’s location, sex and behavior

With partnerships with VAS licensed companies, we deliver your text based campaigns to targeted phone contacts based on location, gender and consumer behavior in order to achieve your marketing goals

Find out how your business, small or large, across every industry can benefit from our SMS marketing tool