Reach Premium Audiences Programmatically


Get guaranteed demand and predictable revenues

Improve Forecasting

Get guaranteed demand and predictable revenue sourced from renowned DSPs across the globe.

Professional Managed Services

We have experts and professionals who help premium publishers solve the complexity of header bidding and share best practices.

Lock in Budget

Attract buyers who value programmatic transparency & control.

multi-channel & multi-format
programmatic deals

By combining the auction efficiency of header bidding with our extensive RTB technologies, our clients can drive up demand for each impression and drive increased revenue potential.

unlimited supply of ad inventory

RubiQube integrates with hundreds of supply partners, media owners and  publishers so you could always have a choice when buying ad inventory.

guaranteed BRAND SAFETY

We collaborate with Protected Media fraud detection company to ensure the highest quality of every impression.

Take advantage by harnessing the power of data