How the Service Works

RubiQube Ad Service

RubiQube is a reward – based advertising platform that drives engagement and monetization opportunities for online publishers, while delivering rewards to their end users and providing advertisers with engaged customers.

Efficient Analytics system

Gives developers/ publishers the tools and insights to optimize their customer experience.

Reward based Advertising

Offers publishers a strong revenue stream through reward based ads.

Higher Conversion rates

Ensures true user engagement with advertisement and Increase brand recall through guaranteed interaction.

Targetted Ads

Better user experience to the end users as a result of limited ad intrusion.

How we do it

This how we are able to achieve effective reward-based advertising with value for advertisers, publishers and end users


Get all advert campaigns from willing Advertisers.


Analyze the ads and rank them based on our proprietary ad ranking algorithm.


Target platforms and appropriate users by ensuring true engagement.


Reward users on completion of incentivized action on delivered ads.

About Us

Who we are

MobiQube is a company dedicated to design and development of Web and mobile app platforms. Founded on the 1st of February, 2011, we believe we are ready and able to face the huge tasks and compete in this business.

Our Mission

We wish to sustain profitalbility and responsible commercial success by the development, customisation and the marketing of web and mobile applications.


We are NOT currently hiring!.. If you have any information to share with us regarding careers at our organization, feel free to send to us via careers@mobiqube.com

Our Team

Comprises of specialised hardware and software personnel. They consist of designers, developers, and highly qualified managers and business professionals.

Why RubiQube?

RubiQube ensures true user engagement with advertisement and Increase brand recall through guaranteed interaction.

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Where you can find us

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Lagos, Nigeria

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+2348136063725, +2348165770916

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