Digital Advertising
We use technology to deliver engaging ads from our network of brands and advertisers to high value target audience through banner, mobile, pre-roll, autoplay and expandable video ad formats
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Core Products
Ad Exchange Platforms
Our Ad Exchange platform (QubeEx) connects to several mediation partners and gives access to over 400 million monthly users.
Display (Banner) Advertising
Deliver captivating Display ads to your prospective and existing customers on the apps and sites they love with our Banner offering.
SMS Advertising
Our sole objective is to further empower your brand by leveraging on our targeted SMS marketing tool to Increase your brand's recognition in order to raise consumption and sales at an exponential rate.
Location Based Advertising
RubiQube Eve tracks user’s location such that the user gets a notification in form of advertisements, promotions/deals and Call to actions once he steps into a certain location using geofencing and beacon technology.
Reward Based Advertising
Our reward based platform, VideoPay is a performance video Ad service which uses technology to enhance experience and brands pay only after video Ads have been watched completely.
Cost Per View Advertising
Play by RubiQube, uses technology that delivers engaging video adverts from its network of brands and advertisers to high value target audience through pre-roll, auto play and expandable video ad formats. Brands are charged on a Cost Per View (5 second true view) model.
Ad Buyers

We work with hundreds of media buyers from around the Africa and Europe and plug them onto our Ad Exchange platform (QubeEx) to access millions of supply inventory. Whether you need Display, Video and mobile inventory, we will deliver your demand either directly through our publisher network or through our mediation partners.

You can contact us to set up a tailored campaign that will drive up your marketing goals. Click below to know more.

case studies

Over the past 2 years, we at RubiQube have been at the center-stage of some brands’ marketing objectives. See some case studies of how we improved the ROI of brands.

Visa QR and Visa SPAR Activation campaigns sees increase in Visa Card usage by 11%
Coke Studio generates 13.2% CTR and 3 Million Views with RubiQube
Nokia 7 Online TVC Launch on RubiQube reaches 500K audience in 3 days
Hennessy increases video view by 165% for their Cypher 2017 & 2018 Campaign
What our clients say

Our customer’s satisfaction is key to us. Here are some of what our happy customers had to say.

testimonial-team (Demo)
Digital Marketing Manager

These guys deliver on what they have promised for all the times we have worked together.

Brett Fourie
Business Development Specialist

We have found working with the team at RubiQube nothing short of professional. They understand their local market well and have been able to give their clients great insight into their media requirements. We have been more than happy with the outcomes when working with RubiQube and look forward to a great business relationship in 2019 and beyond.

Get access to over 400 million monthly views across our publisher networks directly and through our mediation partners. Reach out to us today to set you up to reach your marketing goals.